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The Original Filming Schedule

Date Time Period Scene(s) Location Characters
Mon. June 23 Morning 5 Town Hall Gideon, Lyon, Lelievre
Afternoon 13 Perth Manor Boulton, Hubbell
Evening Prep. House Set-up Crew
Tues. June 24 Morning 9, 10 House Lyon, Adam, Wilson, Powell
Afternoon 2 House Wilson, Elizabeth
Evening Prep. House Set-up Crew
Wed. June 25 Morning 7 House Wilson, Gideon, Simon, Boulton
Afternoon 4 House Gideon, Elizabeth, Mrs. Ackland
Evening Prep. Gore St. Set-up Crew
Thur. June 26 Early Morning 3 Gore St. Lyon
Morning 15, 16 Museum William, Gideon, Powell, Hubbell, Boulton
Afternoon 9, 12, 14 Museum Adam, Lyon, Lelievre
Fri. June 27 Morning 6 Mill St. Lyon, Wilson, Adam
Afternoon 11 Perth Manor Lyon, Lelievre, Elizabeth
Evening 1, 8, 14, 18 Old Cemetary Lyon, Adam, Lelievre
Sat. June 28 Morning 3 Museum Wilson, Lyon, Innkeeper, Butler, Barmaids, Extras
Afternoon 17, 18 Conlon Farm Adam, Boulton, Hubbell, Gideon, Powell, William
Sun. June 29 All day 16, 17, 18 Industrial Park Lyon, Wilson, Powell, Simon, Lelievre, Hubbell, Gideon, William, Doctor, Adam
Mon. June 30 All day Open incase of delays

Home - Filming Schedule
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