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Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Student is filming last fatal duel
By Maureen Pegg

     If you happen to hear the rustle of a long skirt, the snap of a top hat or the pop of a gun this week, don't worry, you have not been transported back to another century.
     Instead, you might have heard the sounds being created by Steve Cole and his merry band of volunteers.
     Steve is going into his third year at Sheridan College, where he is studying media arts. This week he has been working on a 30 minute film in Perth which will be presented as part of his third year requirements at school.
     The film is based on the tale of Perth's last fatal duel, as related in Susan Code's collection of stories, A Matter of Honour. Ms. Code co-wrote the film script with Steve.

The Perth Courier June 25, 1997
TECHNICAL POINTERS: Matthew MacDonald (center) and Allison Lapensee listened carefully to Steve Cole's instructions on filming Sunday. Steve, a Sheridan College student, is shooting a film on Perth's last fatal duel for a school assignment. Maureen Pegg photo

     "The story as told by Ms. Code is a very accurate account of the duel," Steve explained. "The duel wasn't just about the love of Elizabeth, it's also about honour. These men had smeared each others names in the mud."
     The film had its genesis when Steve was preparing a film presentation for his college application two years ago.
     "I decided to do a film called The Responsible Chairs of Perth," he explained. "I interviewed several people, including Mayor Lana March.
     "When I was packing my equipment up, Mrs. March commented that perhaps someday I would be able to do something for Perth."
     Steve did not forget the remark and decided to film the story of the fatal duel.
     He was in town earlier this year auditioning actors and recruiting a technical crew.
     He has done well on both counts. Familiar and talented local actors appearing in the film include Carolyn Sutherland as Elizabeth Hughes, Todd Schaus as Robert Lyon and Steve Whittaker as John Wilson. Also appearing, among others, are Bob Sneyd and Jonathan Tyrrell.
     His technical crew is drawn from the ranks of volunteers at PDCI. "I went to the high school in February and talked to the teachers. Everybody was great.
     "The students who are working with me all came highly recommended," he said.
     Also assisting with the production are two of Steve's classmates at Sheridan. Working with him will give them experience and help them prepare for their own film projects, on which Steve will assist.
     He expects to have filming wrapped up by the end of the week. He will take the film back to the school and begin working on it in earnest in September. He hopes to have the finished product completed by March.
     During this week's filming, local residents may see the actors and technical crew whisking in and out of the Perth Museum or working on scenes along Gore Street. Steve points out that the filming on Gore Street will be done early in the morning when most people are asleep.
     Filming in a number of locations means many people have been involved in the project. Steve is adamant that praise be given to all the individuals who have assisted with his film project. "It simply couldn't have happened without the help of the town, public works, public utilities, the Perth police and so many others. Everyone has just been great."
     A Matter of Honour is being produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment, a company Steve's father Rick recently started. In the future Mr. Cole hopes to be able to give exposure to budding filmmakers so that they can gain the recognition they require.
     The film bug didn't hit Steve until late in his high school career. He took the drama-tech course at PDCI and became intrigued with filming. A short movie which he made with fellow students Steve Whittaker and Rob Coughler gave him a sense of the potential of film.
     When he graduates he plans to pursue filmmaking. "I hope to be behind the camera and then one day perhaps direct. If this film is a good one and I get exposure... perhaps someone will see me and my work."
     Right now he is happy with the film and pleased he is able to offer a little knowledge to the technical volunteers from PDCI.

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