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Date: June 13, 1833
Location: Perth, Ontario, Canada.
Near the Tay river.
Duellers: Robert Lyon
John Wilson
Seconds: Henri Lelievre (Lyon)
Simon Fraser Robertson (Wilson)
Witness: Dr. Hamilton
Attempts: Two

Robert Lyon was fatally wounded after the second attempt. He was laid to rest in the same cemetary that he passed through on the way to the duel site.

John Wilson and Simon Fraser Robertson were arrested and stood trial in Brockville, Ontario two months later. Acting in their own defence, they were found not guilty by the jury.

John Wilson married Elizabeth Hughes in 1835 and they had three children together. Wilson later went on to become a lawyer, judge and Member of Parliment. He died on June 3rd, 1869. Elizabeth Hughes lived until 1904, dying at the age of ninety-three.

Henri Lelievre disappeared after the duel and it is believed that he died years later in Australia. He was considered by many to be the true culprit in the affair but he never stood trial.

Near the site of the duel in Perth. Now part of what is known as the "Last Duel Park".

The actual pistols used in the duel are kept on display at the Perth Museum.

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